About Us

PharmaCare’s world headquarters are based in Sydney, Australia, where like many other stories our company literally began in a garage.  Founded 25 years back in Sydney’s Northern beaches with the core mission of improving lives, PharmaCare now delivers that promise with our wide range of products to customers in over 40 countries. Our founder saw an opportunity to bring quality products to the public, and from these very humble beginnings we have grown into one of the leaders of the HBC category.


With hundreds of products, spanning key categories like health and fitness, personal care and food services, PharmaCare touches so many people’s lives in many different ways – including how we eat and care for our bodies and how we shape the quality of our lives.


PharmaCare US is the home of the Sambucol, Promensil, Skin Doctors, Real Health, Real Health Superfoods and Kids Smart brands in North America. We provide unique, effective, high quality natural solutions that address both specific and general health concerns. 

Innovation is at the very heart of our business.

We continually focus on developing new, innovative products that meet consumer needs. We offer a point of difference, a reason to buy. Our products are supported by a strong research program and are underpinned by extensive testing and trials. We know that consumers will support a quality product.

. Promise 1
You get the most effective natural solutions known today. Ingredients in PharmaCare’s formulas bave been proven effective through long-term traditional use and respected scientific studies.

Promise 2
You can trust PharmaCare for potency and purity – from product to product and bottle to bottle. After manufacture, each lot of finished product is independently analyzed to ensure potency and purity.

Promise 3
You get the highest quality ingredients available. All ingredients are carefully selected, then subjected to our rigorous qualificatoin process before being included in our products.

Promise 4
You can use Bioglan’s products together, safely. All PharmaCare supplements are formulated to work together, safely and effectively.

Promise 5
You will receive outstanding service. Every PharmaCare representative is dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

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